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Check List for Fall Prevention

1. Do you exercise less than three times a week?

2.  Do you sometimes feel weak, dizzy, or unsteady

on your feet?

3.  Have you experienced changes in your eyesight?
         Bifocals or Trifocals

4.  Have you had a vision exam in the last year?              

     Spectacles, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration?)
5.  Do you have foot problems or ill-fitting shoes?

     Have you been diagnosed with a chronic medical         condition, such as:

        Parkinson’s Disease

6.  Do you take four or more prescription or  over-the-    counter  medications?

7.  Do you have tripping, slipping, or other hazards at home?

        Floors, rugs, or clutter
        Stairs and steps
        Bathroom (toilet, bath, or shower)
8.  Do you use an assistive device?
       Toilet risers, handrails, walkers or canes

9.  Do you worry about falling? So much so that you 

     avoid things you are capable of doing?

10. Do you know how to:
        reach safely overhead?
        rise from a chair/sit down safely?
        get up off the floor safely?