Access-Ability Offers the Loan of Durable Medical Equipment to Help People Gain Greater Independence

Outcomes Include:

Process Referrals of Clients from Area Hospitals 

Partners with Health Care Providers

Loaning and Delivering Durable Medical    Equipment

Maintaining Equipment 

Training Volunteers

This is the medical equipment room. Cindy Olson, Executive Director, is there surveying much needed repairs for power and wheel chairs.

Medicare Coverage for Medical Equipment

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  • Lack of basic hygiene

  • Lack of adequate food

  • Lack of medical aids (Glasses, walker, teeth, hearing aids, medications)

  • Person with dementia left unsupervised

  • Bed bound person left without care

  • Home cluttered, filthy, in disrepair, or having fire & safety hazards

  • Home without adequate facilities (Stove, refrigerator, heat, cooling, working

  • plumbing, and electricity)

Red Flags of Senior Abuse

Psychological Abuse

  • Caregiver isolates elder (doesn't let anyone into the home or speak to the elder)

  • Caregiver is verbally aggressive or demeaning, controlling, overly concerned about spending money, or uncaring) 

Physical Abuse

Inadequately explained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts sores or burns

Reporting Abuse of Elders and Vunerable Adults:

If you suspect abuse occurring in the community, call Adult Protective Services (APS) to make a confidential report or to discuss making a report: 800-922-6978 or to make a report online:

If you suspect abuse occurring in a Residential Care Facility, call Thrive Alliance and speak with the local Long-Term Care Ombudsman: 866-644-6407, or call the state ombudsman: 800-622-4484

Financial Abuse

  • Lack of amenities victim could afford

  • Elder "voluntarily" giving inappropriate financial reimbursement

  • Caregiver has control of elder's money but is failing to provide for elder

  • Caregiver "living off" elder

  • Elder has signed property transfers (Power of attorney, new will, etc.) with inability to comprehend the transaction. 


  • Thrive Alliance: 866-644-6407

  • Centerstone Crisis Line: 800-832-5442

  • Centeronelder

  • Emergency: 911

6 Steps to Prevent Falling


Sheriff: 812-379-1650

Police: 812-376-2600


Sheriff: 812-663-8125

Police: 812-662-7463


Sheriff: 812-988-5605

Police: 812-988-0341


Sheriff: 812-358-2141

Police: 812-552-1234


Sheriff: 812-346-5111

Police: 812-346-1466

Improving Education

Improving Financial Stability

Promoting and Educating Community Partners of what Access-Ability has to Offer Within the City of Columbus, Indiana and Surrounding Six Counties.



Creating Awareness



Outcomes Include:

• Increasing Supply of Donated Durable Medical Equipment

• Monitoring and Maintaining Loaned Durable Medical Equipment

• Increasing Grant Funding, Donations and Ornament Sales

​• Expanding the Volunteer Base

Chart Measuring Health, Education and Financial Stability

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Our Volunteers and Supporters

Community Collaborations

Brighter Days Housing


Columbus Regional Health

Columbus Township Trustee's Office


Eastside Community Center

Healthy Communities Action Teams

Horizon House

Legal Aid-District 11, Inc.

Love Chapel

Orphan Grain Train

Our Hospice of South Central Indiana

Red Cross

St. Vincent De Paul

Sans Souci

Stone Belt

Turning Point

Disabled Veterans

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Religious Organizations